The ReSAKSS Country eAtlases (RCeA)


The RCeA is a GIS-based data exploration platform designed to help policy analysts and policymakers access and use high quality and highly disaggregated data on agricultural, socio-economic and bio-physical indicators to guide agricultural policy and investment decisions.


More than 8,000 interactive maps available for display and download


Products and tools for researchers and decision-makers


Fast, user-friendly and in near real time

Highly interactive

Providing an online, highly interactive and dynamic data environment rich with standard pre-processing and essential data analysis tools

Unique resource

Assembling in one resource data from a variety of domains necessary for effective policy design and targeting

High quality

Ensuring broad access to high quality data to facilitate inclusive review and dialogue processes






Detailed instructions for the use of eAtlas

Updated on Jan 28, 2018

This tutorial will guide you through the ReSAKSS Country eAtlases

Updated on Dec 11, 2017

eAtlas case studies

Updated on May 11, 2018

Featured highlights

12 Jul 2018

eAtlas 2018 Workshops

The eAtlas technical team finalized the development of i) a server for the online manipulation and preprocessing of data records, ii) an intuitive and rich web-based client application to support i ...

16 Nov 2017

ReSAKSS Country eAtlases workshop

A ReSAKSS Country eAtlases workshop was held from 17-18 October 2017 in Dakar, Senegal. The workshop was an opportunity to introduce the new version of the ReSAKSS Country eAtlases and its associat ...