The ReSAKSS Country eAtlases Workshop in Tunisia

The ReSAKSS Country eAtlases (RCeA) technical team organized a training workshop in Tunis on the Tunisia ReSAKSS eAtlas from February 15th-17th, 2017.

The three day workshop was facilitated by the Tunisian “Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation”- (PARI) project team and the “Direction Générale Des Etudes et du Développement Agricole” (DGEDA), “Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Ressources Hydrauliques et de la Pêche” (MARHP).

The main objective of the workshop was to present the eAtlas and its associated tools as well as to validate the eAtlas data: crop production, yields, cultivated area, livestock, demography, health and nutrition.

 The RCeA technical team trained five Tunisians economists and one GIS expert on the RCeA tools in order to maintain and update the country eAtlas 


16 Nov 2017

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